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What’s your flavour?

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  • | 27 June 2017
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Choosing the colour palette of your home, the entire house or individual rooms, is an extremely important and exciting task, however it can also be overwhelming. We suggest a good place to start is to know the difference between warm and cool colours and then decide on the mood you want to create in your home.
Warm colours are as oranges, reds, yellows and combinations of these and similar colours. They resemble warm things, such sunlight and fire and evoke feelings of warmth. Warm colours are stimulating and seem to bring a sense of liveliness and intimacy to a space and are typically suited to social areas of your home .They tend to advance, looking as though they come closer, making larger rooms seem cosier.
Cool colours include blues, greens and light purple. They remind us of water and sky; they are relaxing and soothing and can bring a sense of calm to a space. Cool colours have a receding effect, making a space feel more open. They are often used in smaller rooms to make them appear larger and typically suited to private areas in your home.
A great way to create a balance in your home or room is to combine both warm and cool colours – a mixed colour palette. Decide on a dominant scheme and then include elements of the contrasting palette.

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