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Our Journey

  • By admin
  • | 30 October 2018
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So..we’re embarking on the journey… the very long, long journey of visualising, designing (changing those designs many times) and eventually building our dream home.

We purchased this house last year and moved in in October. We loved it from the first time saw it! It ticked so many of our needs/wants boxes, like the land size, the access to the property and its location.

However, there are a few things that we don’t necessarily love so much, like, only 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet. While completely liveable, just not ideal for our family.

We’ve decided to do a knock-down-rebuild. Originally we thought we would renovate, but the foundations are just not that solid anymore (read termites) and we have a few ideas that may not fit so well with the current layout.

Our architect is coming over this week to check out the property and start the ball rolling. Exciting!

We’d love for you, our fab followers, to come along on this ride with us, follow our building journey from start to finish. See behind the scenes and all that is involved.

While we have so many ideas on what we, our family of four, need (Natalie) and want (Neil) we’d love to hear your input, suggestions and ideas too.

Let’s start with NEEDS. What do you think is a need, a definite must have, in a modern family home..

Now to find a builder… kidding😉

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